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Intro to Vision, Goals, and Cultural Competancy - Saturday August 18th 5:30 - 7:30p

So, you know you love how it feels to exercise your body - Come exercise your mind! 

Yoga Philosophy tells you that in order to achieve peace as a way of being, you gotta study yourself and truely acquire self-knowledge, and that self-knowledge is your access key to the practices of ishvara pranidhana (devotion to god). 

1 - this is not a two hour workshop on God or on Yoga Philosophy or on Enlightenment. You do not need any prior experice with yoga, or any love for yoga to get something lovely out of these two hours. 

2 - this is a workshop on vision and goals - We will go through components of the craft of generating a vision and composing a goal. You can choose to bring forth a personal component of your life where you know that you are vision-less , an existing goal that isn't happening, maybe it's inside of a work project, or maybe something that is happening inside of a realtionship, at work or at home, that you want more clarity around, something that you know needs to be brought to life. 

3 - ^we will do that ^ through yoga-philosophy-based programming that will generate connection, possiblity, and discovery.