I offer programming for Groups and for Individuals. All of the product-services can be customized. With the purchase of any product - you receive a 20 minute discovery call - the objective of the discovery call is that you align and connect what you want with what the content and experience can provide. My programming is derived from a body of work called Lightyear Leadership, developed by Susan Conrad,  10 years experience teaching yoga and training with Baron Baptiste,  and a whole lotta hours managing people in high-end retail. 

This programming is mostly a principle based body of work that provides universally applicable communication tools for individuals to discover that efficacy in leadership, all-ways and always begins with you and your capacity for listening.

Leading Self - Call Series [Fall 2018, MONDAYS]

This is a four-session digital course designed to expand your knowledge in self-leadership principles that when put into practice cultivate growth for you and your teams.

Consider This - instead of start from where you are, start with WHO YOU ARE. To be a strong and powerful leader for others, requires an understanding for who you are - who you are in the heat of the moment, who you are in your glory, who you are to your humans at home... This course is derived from the body of work taught by my teacher, Susan Conrad and Baron Baptiste. This course provides practical techniques to help you really understand yourself. Over the course of four weeks you will put lanaguge to a future vision, that reflects your unique strengths and unveils what is real, true, and important to you. 

Throughout the four calls we will define mindful communication, and the impact that your words have on your world, through defining responsibility in communication, we will explore demonstaning choice, objectivity, ownership, accountability and shared language in communication.

The deatils : 

All participants receive a 20 min 1-1 into and discovery call, prior to the first group call. The series consists of 4 unique 75 minute calls, and take-away work between calls. All participants in the group will sign an agreement to show up for all 4 calls and complete the series. Each call will also be recorded.

Mondays @ 5pm

CALL 1 : September 10, 2018

CALL 2 : September 17, 2018

CALL 3 : September 24, 2018

CALL 4 : October 1, 2018

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Private Call Series on Communication

+20 min intro-discovery call + 300 minutes of 1-1 programming + 6 weeks of 1-1 digital attention. 

This series can be executed in video call format or voice-only call format. 

*bummer - price is not actually $0. Full pricing options available upon inquiry.

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Personal Development & Self-Leadership Programs

+ 1 - 3 hour workshops customized designed for your team

  • 99% equals zero - Promoting Excellence and Integrity, without scaring away the good ones.

  • The Line of Choice - You are in choice, until you are not in choice.

  • Your word creates your world - create your future from the present, a request without a by-when is just a desire.

  • Feedback is always and only a contribution

  • Vision and Goals - all goals MUST be rooted in a vision.

  • Customer Service - Training and Coaching

  • Creating Community in the Workplace - a how-to conversation.

  • Customer Experience and Brand Management - worshiping.

  • Culture Development - assessment, vision, action.

    *bummer - price is not actually $0. Full pricing options available upon inquiry.

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