I offer programming for groups teams (cross-functional teams, project teams), groups, and Individuals - in personal and organizational settings, digitally and in-person. I work with organizational clients to identify gaps in team performance, and design personal development programming and communication practices curated to close the gap in performance. My programming is derived from my work with Lightyear Leadership, with Baptiste Yoga, my 5 years of corporate training experience in a global organization, my 10 years experience in people managing, and 15 years facilitating instructional programming in adventure education, extreme sport, yoga, and group fitness.

I deliver what is mostly a principle based approach, that provides universally applicable communication tools for individuals to discover that efficacy in leadership, all-ways and always begins with you and your capacity for listening.

Personal Development & Self-Leadership Program Types -

  • Integrity: Promoting Excellence and Integrity, without scaring or threatening your team

  • Feelings, Reactions, Emotions and Business Decisions - the real-life tangible practices to discerning how you feel and what you do.

  • Specificity Matters - a methodology based program on the impact that simple word choices have on your leadership, looking at the behavior and organizational change that can arise from shifts in language.

  • Feedback: looking at feedback through the lens of contribution

  • Vision and Goals - setting goals, rooted a vision, working shopping vision creation and goal setting as a project management tool

Coaching Competencies -

  • Customer Service Coaching - working with individuals around decision making, documentation, processes, and communication best practices.

  • Community Strategy - working with leaders and managers on partnership strategies and relational sales technique to increase top line sales and brand strength.