I offer programming for Groups and for Individuals. All of the product-services can be customized. With the purchase of any product - you receive a 20 minute discovery call - the objective of the discovery call is that you align and connect what you want with what the content and experience can provide. My programming is derived from a body of work called Lightyear Leadership, developed by Susan Conrad,  10 years experience teaching yoga and training with Baron Baptiste,  and a whole lotta hours managing people in high-end retail. 

This programming is mostly a principle based body of work that provides universally applicable communication tools for individuals to discover that efficacy in leadership, all-ways and always begins with you and your capacity for listening.

Private Call Series on Communication

+20 min intro-discovery call + 300 minutes of 1-1 programming + 6 weeks of 1-1 digital attention. 

This series can be executed in video call format or voice-only call format. 

*bummer - price is not actually $0. Full pricing options available upon inquiry.

Personal Development & Self-Leadership Programs

+ 1 - 3 hour workshops customized designed for your team

  • 99% equals zero - Promoting Excellence and Integrity, without scaring away the good ones.

  • The Line of Choice - You are in choice, until you are not in choice.

  • Your word creates your world - create your future from the present, a request without a by-when is just a desire.

  • Feedback is always and only a contribution

  • Vision and Goals - all goals MUST be rooted in a vision.

  • Customer Service - Training and Coaching

  • Creating Community in the Workplace - a how-to conversation.

  • Customer Experience and Brand Management - worshiping.

  • Culture Development - assessment, vision, action.

    *bummer - price is not actually $0. Full pricing options available upon inquiry.