Group Call Series on Communication


Group Call Series on Communication


This is a four-session communication course that takes place over the course of 40 days. You can enroll as a group or as an individual. Over the course of four calls and between session work, you will work with inner-self and with others in a live-call group setting. 

Consider this - instead of start from where you are, start with WHO YOU ARE. To be a strong and powerful leader for others, requires an understanding for who you are - who you are in the heat of the moment, who you are in your glory, who you are to your humans at home... This course is derived from the body of work taught by my teacher, Susan Conrad and Baron Baptiste. This course provides practical techniques to help you really understand yourself. Over the course of four weeks you will put lanaguge to a future vision, that reflects your unique strengths and unveils what is real, true, and important to you. 

The deatils : 

All participants receive a 20 min 1-1 into and discovery call, prior to the first group call. The series consists of 4 unique 75 minute calls, and take-away work between calls. All participants in the group will sign an agreement to show up for all 4 calls and complete the series. 

For inquires about start dates - please contact us, through the 'contact me' tab!

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w.y.w.a.w (what you walk away with)

+ exposure to Lightyear Leadership's self-leadership methodology

+ self-inquiry exercises

+ communication tools

+ structure for designing and crafting a future vision ( for any domain, small project or as vast as your whole life)

+ coaching