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My journey with Hillary changed the direction of my life. As she guided me through the work it became clear to me that I was playing small with my life. The work we did together brought me to a space of clarity about who I am, what my gifts are, and how I can use them for good in this world. I now live from a place of possibility and power, that was not alive before.

Kathy, Linwood NJ

Hillary is so authentic in her approach. She is provides feedback that motivates you to get familiar with the unfamiliar. She opened the door to vulnerability, for me. Hillary creates an environment that feels safe. She has guided me through discomfort, fear of criticism, fear of failure, fear of not measuring up, and she showed me new possibilities filled with love and compassion. Hillary has challenged me to not change myself, but to show up and be seen. Her transparency is reassuring.

She has helped me find balance, and really made me fearless of reaching my highest potential. Hillary stands for what it truly means to be a mentor, a coach, and a your biggest fan.

Tiana, Pittsburgh PA


I met Hillary a few years ago while working together at lululemon. Hillary instantly filled the room with so much joy, zest, and energy. I immediately knew I'd connect with her.

Fast forward and two years later Hillary became my coach and role model.

What I appreciate most about Hillary both in and outside of our sessions is her thoughtfulness in everything she does. Hillary asks and directs questions in a way that feels supportive of who you are, yet aware of who you want to be. With Hillary there is no right and wrong, she brings the most authentic curiosity in understanding you and your potential.

I can count on her for laughter, empathy, tough love, and and most of all  commitment.

Kelsey, Washington DC




Hil's coaching has had a tremendous impact on me. It helped me, more than I imagined - and was a release I didn't know I needed.

I have had the pleasure of working with Hil in her group and one on one coaching. I didn't go into the coaching sessions with a particular goal - I am someone who does a lot of self work, through my yoga practice, meditation, and other developmental tools. I went in to it with an open mind, without expectation, and what I came away with has shaped my choices and actions everyday since and helped me release pain and guilt from my past.

Hil's coaching sessions include homework and exercises that brought the work we did together, into my life and relationships. She presented me with an activity, that inspired me to have a conversation with my dad that was an enlightening experience for me. Through our coaching sessions I was able to get to the root cause of a feeling that was so deeply rooted in my past, something that hadn't completely healed from my struggles with anorexia, a lingering guilt for what my parents and my sister went through when I was sick and a hidden fear - that I would never be able to take care of myself or do it on my own.

I was able to see clearly how this guilt and fear were robbing me of my power in all aspects of my life - both personal and professional and was able to get to work letting it go, and asking for what I need - not because I "can't" do it on my own, but because I don't have to.

Hil has a palpable passion for helping others find their purpose and live their biggest, brightest lives and so grateful for her impact on mine.

Carolyn, Philadelphia PA