a learnings list - NOT an advice column.

1 - see yourself in everyone, and don’t collapse yourself or your POVs (point of views) onto anyone - your work is to help your people see more than the POV that they already have - expand their POV and don’t give them yours, it’s just yours.


2 - F*ck the agree/disagree game. Play in the seek to understand mode. Share-share-share, even when what you want to share doesn't appear to be directly relevant. When you lead with, what you agree-on or disagree-with, you inherently shrink and limit the conversation.

3 - body language and cadence of communication will give you insight - insight into your inner-workings and insight into others. So, get present enough that you can witness yourself AND who’s around you.

4 - pick one thing to rally people around, stick to it, tie all of your other strategies and projects to it. It’s a way to get all of your people in-on and connected to a bigger picture. Buy-in goes a long way.

5 - create a measure for everything - it will generate a healthy achievement driven culture.

6 - not all feedback needs to be shared. period.

7 - get yourself clear everyday, and all of the time. If you don’t, your sh*t will start to get out onto your team, and everything will stink.

8 - whatever you create the conditions for, you will get. If you create the conditions for complaint, you will get complaint, if you create the conditions for open communication, you will get open communication.

9 - alignment produces desired results, not balance. Balance is an inside-sport, don’t let other people tell you what it is and what it isn’t.

10 - keep one eye 6 months out. It keeps it fun and keeps your quick-fix mode in-check.

11 - teach people how to communicate from, what happened - their stories will drive you crazy and leave you confused.

12 - watch for excitement in others.

13 - remember everyone’s name.

14 - know your end-game ( and filter for it - this is my way of saying learn what isn’t a fit, and say no, early).

15 - always create new shit, and pull a take-2 card any-time you need a re-do.

16 - generate - generate - generate, but don’t reinvent unless you are solving for something.

17 - you are either on the up-tic or the down-tic, there is no such thing as chilling on the flat-line. Keep people close who will call your bullshit, and don’t cry wolf.

18 - learn how to get behind ideas and plans that you don’t like - when you fail at this, you will like yourself and your circumstances even less.

19 - people come into see people. We can buy a better everything online ( product and information ). Make the experience in your physical space your value-add.

20 - the best measure of success is when you witness that your creation produces joy around you.

21 - know your cash flow, know how many people you need to interact with in order to make the money you want to make.

22 - stay away from the one-up game - in conversation and in action,  it’s shady business.

23 - allow your people to leave.

24 - business is not fair and the rules of the game are not fair. Hire people who get that.

25 - everything changes, so you are only as good as you are with change.

26 - put aside time to meet new people, people hold the keys, the keys that unlock anything that you want to open.

27 - always come from right now is all you’ve got. Stand tall so that you can be heard.

28 - be ok with rejection, and you don’t have to make it look pretty, or smell good - just be ok with it.

29 - look the part, perception is gold.